Four thousand Tasmanian school students are set to descend on Bellerive Beach to run, swim and ride
for the annual Schools Triathlon Challenge to be held from 20-21 November.

Now in its sixth year the event has always has a competitive element, but the main focus is on sport for
fun and fitness rather than winning.

Event Director and founder, Tim Smith, said it is exciting to see the event continuing to gain momentum
each year among schools, students and their families

“It’s always been my goal to see this event encourage kids to try sport and allow them to experience
how fun a healthy lifestyle can be,” Mr Smith said.

“We are thrilled with the results and the positive effect the event is having, with more and more kids
signing up to take part each year.

“This year we’ve also partnered with Diabetes Tasmania to help teach the kids about nutrition, as well
as the importance of physical activity, so we can strive to make the younger generations healthier.”

The event has won the support of professional cyclist Chris Williams, who was diagnosed with type 1
diabetes after collapsing at the end of a bike race.

“Because of my diabetes I was often told endurance sport wasn’t a good idea for me, but fortunately my
friends were not going to let that happen and they had me back on the bike within days,” Mr Williams

“I love the Schools Triathlon Challenge because it’s about getting out there with your mates and
supporting each other.

“You don’t have to be a ‘sporty type’, it’s just about having a go and having fun.”

This year’s Schools Triathlon Challenge is sponsored by Rob Pennicott and the Pennicott Foundation.

The Challenge will reach the north of the State for the first time this year, with the event also being held
in Devonport next week.
Tim Smith Schools Triathlon Challenge, Carmen Jenkinson Diabetes Tasmania