The Tasmanian Greens today urged all Tasmanians to ignore the Liberal Party’s ongoing attempts to drag the state back into conflict and division on forestry.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said the Liberal Party’s claim today that the Federal Election result was a referendum on the Tasmanian Forests Agreement was ridiculous and out of touch.

“Will Hodgman has always had a tin ear for the electorate, but his continuing threat to tear up the forest deal shows exactly why he’s become Australia’s longest serving opposition leader,” Mr McKim said.

“Tasmanians don’t want more community conflict over forestry and more taxpayer money spent on propping up an industry model that is a demonstrated failure and produces products that nobody wants.”

“Driven by blind ideology, he is trying to get elected off the back of a return to conflict over Tasmania’s forests, but I think Tasmanians are smart enough to see through it.”

“Everyone loses from continued community conflict over forests, but Will Hodgman is tying to manufacture a political opportunity for him and his party.”

Mr McKim said the results of the Federal Election for the Greens in Tasmania were disappointing but not unexpected.

“Tasmania’s economy is in transition faster than the rest of the country and our unemployment rate is higher,” Mr McKim said.

“There’s typically a bigger backlash against an incumbent government in those circumstances, and that’s what we saw on Saturday.”

“We certainly need to listen to, and respect the views expressed by the electorate on Saturday, and we will be doing that, but the state election will be run and won on state issues.”

Mr McKim also rejected the Deputy Premier Bryan Green’s recent comments about Christine Milne, who he described as a leader of strength, integrity and vision.

“Christine was the only leader to speak out on crucial issues like climate change, and has campaigned the Greens into a position where we have held Melbourne comfortably, and are likely to increase our number of Senators.”

“Increasing your representation in the Federal Parliament is hardly what you would describe as oblivion.”

“My advice to Mr Green is to have a good hard look at the Labor Party’s shambolic performance nationally before he tries to pin the blame on somebody else.”
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader