The Tasmanian Greens Member for Braddon Paul O’Halloran MP today welcomed the unveiling of the first stage of an exciting new mountain bike park development at Penguin.

“This is an exciting opportunity that will help attract thrill seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts to experience north-west Tasmania’s rugged beauty,” Mr O’Halloran said.

“The Greens believe north-west Tasmania could be a honey pot for people all across the world who live and breathe extreme sports like mountain biking.”

“The Cradle Coast Mountain Bike Club are doing an incredible job in getting this project up and running, and we can’t wait to see the next stage will look like.”

“With our landscape and our environment, we have everything it takes to make adventure tourism and extreme sports a boom industry right here in north-west Tasmania.”

“There’s great potential in the north-west to grow local jobs with a ‘centre of excellence’ based facility to train local, national and international people in how to become professional thrill-seekers.”
Paul O’Halloran MP Greens Member for Braddon Thursday, 4 July 2013