South Hobart community members are being invited to join an advisory committee that will offer advice and feedback on the management and conservation of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cascades Female Factory Historic Site.

The advisory committee was formed last year by the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA), which manages the Female Factory site, and new members are sought every 12 months.

According to Cascades Female Factory Historic Site Manager Greta McDonald, the committee is an important forum for the exchange of information on the Site’s management and to receive feedback from the local community.

“We aim to conserve, manage and promote the Site as a cultural tourism place of international significance. Given the Cascades Female Factory’s size and proximity to residents and other community areas, it is vital that the community is well-informed about what happens here and has an opportunity to provide feedback on any plans.”

“The PAHSMA Board will be looking for members who can effectively represent a range of community views and perspectives,” said Ms McDonald.

“We have a lot of exciting things happening at the Female Factory over the next few months, so it’s an exciting time to be involved.”

The committee operates in a similar manner to the PAHSMA Community Advisory Committee which was established several years ago and has provided valuable advice and communication in relation to the Port Arthur and Coal Mines Historic Sites.

Nominations to join the Cascades Female Factory advisory committee close on Thursday 1 August. More information for interested applicants is available at

The Port Arthur, Coal Mines and Cascades Female Factory Historic Sites are three of eleven historic places that comprise the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage property. All three sites are managed by the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority.

For further information, please contact For further information contact Greta McDonald at the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site on 03 6233 6656 or 0419 690 435

‘The Port Arthur Historic Sites include three of the eleven historic sites that together form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property’
Andrew Ross Marketing Manager Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority