Junction Arts Festival, Tasmania’s young and emerging international participatory arts festival
will be back for only its third incarnation this spring. Flourishing with Tasmania’s burgeoning
arts scene, the Festival’s focus on contemporary participatory art involving active
participation and collaboration from audiences make the Festival a unique standout in the

Waking up Launceston and Tasmania from its winter hibernation, the Festival features a
carefully curated selection of playful, interactive and ambitious contemporary art, music and
performance from renowned artists from the UK and Canada as well as some of the most
interesting and respected artists from across Australia and Tasmania.

Over five days and nights from Wednesday 4 September through Sunday 8 September 2013
Launceston will come alive with live performance, theatre, visual and media arts, literature,
music and dance. This year’s program explores a wide range of interactive encounters and
themes from sports to soundscapes, waterways to Westerns, cityscapes and circus to
daredevils, interpretive dance and Australian nostalgia.

The Festival provides a rare opportunity to explore and experience Launceston in new and
often unusual and surprising ways and encourages visitors to take a refreshing look at the
city. During the Festival audiences can experience art in bars, cafes, parks, rooftops, on city
buses, in car parks, sidewalks, and on heritage buildings’ facades. Junction Arts Festival
aims to reframe how artists and audiences define and use public space and how audience
members experience and participate in contemporary art.

Through the Festival’s Artist Residency Program, Junction Arts Festival commission national
and international artists to create new bespoke artworks that interact with the spaces and
people of Launceston. Throughout the year, artists reside in Launceston to create
sitespecific and participatory works featured in the Festival.

The Dogs Boats and Airplanes Children’s Choir is a world premiere collaborative
performance by internationally renown Canadian artist Bill Burns that will be one of the
custom projects developed through the Artist Residency Program featured at this year’s

During a two month residency Bill Burns will work with over 100 local Launceston children to
devise and create an entire performance from conception through to realisation. The children
will work together to devise narrative sounds, like the sound of a foghorn, tugboats in
the harbour, dogs barking and jet planes passing overhead as well as create the visual
props, sets and lighting design for the event.

The full Festival program will be launched in July 25 with this year promising to provide an
abundance of unique opportunities to observe, engage, be surprised, amazed and
experience Launceston in completely new ways.
Marian Suau, Communications Coordinator for Junction Arts Festival