A new $7 million manufacturing facility which employs some 75 Tasmanians on the North West Coast is defying the decline of
the Australian manufacturing industry through diversification, innovation and collaboration.

Established a quarter of a century ago, as a local roofing company, Direct Edge has now become one of the nation’s leading
producers of sheet metal product across the mining, agriculture, automotive and marine industries worldwide.

CEO, Diane Edgerton, said the launch of Direct Edge and the $1.2 million Trumpf 5000 TruPunch will put the North West
Coast on the map again as a manufacturing hub.

“This is the fastest sheet metal processing machine in the world and with its automated components it lowers the turnaround
time and therefore costs due to eliminating the risks of operator error,” Ms Edgerton said.

“As well as delivering our product across Tasmania, we are exporting our product to countries across the globe, including
multinational mining and agriculture companies, emergency vehicles, building and marine companies.

“Our capabilities to expand and export around the world are now huge thanks to this new facility, so we have big plans for
manufacturing in the region.

“We are now able to produce at such a rate that we can outsource our work, providing a boost to other companies and
sustaining more jobs in the North West region.”
Direct Edge CEO Diane Edgerton