The Tasmanian Greens today welcomed news that the New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell had announced that he supports marriage equality and will urge Federal Liberal Leader Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote on the issue.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that this was a prime opportunity for the Tasmanian Liberal Leader Will Hodgman to also show some leadership on the issue by following in Premier O’Farrell’s footsteps.

“Well done to Premier O’Farrell for coming out strongly in favour of marriage equality, describing it as important for family, even in spite of some resistance within the Liberal party,” said Mr McKim.

“I hope Will Hodgman has observed the actions of Mr O’Farrell very closely and also finds the spine to do the right thing and allow a conscience vote on this issue.”

“We saw the jubilation in New Zealand just yesterday when they legislated for marriage equality and I am certain that there are Liberal members, both inside and outside the Tasmanian Parliament, who would support Mr Hodgman in allowing a conscience vote.”

“Just last week a number of Liberal members crossed the floor to allow same-sex couples access to adoption services, I believe a similar outcome would result if Mr Hodgman allowed a conscience vote.”

“It is now time for the Mr Hodgman to stand up to the fundamentalists in his own party,” Mr McKim said.
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader Friday, 19 April, 2013