The Tasmanian Greens today welcomed the release of the Federal Government’s Australian hospital statistics 2011-12: Elective surgery waiting times report.

Greens Health Spokesperson, Paul O’Halloran MP, said the report clearly highlighted Tasmania’s inadequacy in this area and reinforced the urgent need for the State to pilot a single funder model.

“This latest report just adds to the growing body of evidence that shows that Tasmania is falling further behind in delivering effective health services at a cost-effective rate,” said Mr O’Halloran.

“Not only are we trailing the rest of the nation but we are failing to keep up with our own previous health benchmarks and there appears to be no plan for improvement.”

“This latest report states that 9.4% of Tasmanians can expect to wait longer than a year for elective surgery, this is by far the highest proportion in Australia.”

“The average cost of medical procedures in Tasmania is in the top two for the nation with our average labour rate standing at $1295 per procedure.”

“It shows that we have the longest period at, 348 days, of time it takes to admit 90% of patients. This is another category where we exhibit the worst performance in the country.”

“Another report released by independent health analyst Martyn Goddard a month ago outlined that our current funding model not only leads to poor delivery of health services, but was also financially inefficient.”

“How much data do we need to see before we can get a commitment from Labor and the Liberals to move our health system to a trial of a single-funder business model.”

“We clearly need structural reform and a number of industry experts have publicly supported this view.”

“Looking beyond the data, these statistics represent real people who are often living with daily pain and discomfort.”

“Implementing the Greens’ proposal of a single-funder model would provide a clear way forward from this mess. It would improve economic efficiencies, raise the standard of healthcare and provide stability for those working in the sector.”


Paul O’Halloran MP Greens Health Spokesperson Friday, 19 April 2013