Sally Fletcher, a Swansea resident who has raised more than $250,000 for youth mental health services through her charity event Sally’s Ride – Tamar Valley Cycle Challenge, has been selected to appear on the cover of this year’s Launceston White Pages® and Yellow Pages® book.

Commencing distribution on 6 April 2013, this year’s Launceston White Pages® and Yellow Pages® will be distributed in a larger-sized font, in response to feedback about last year’s book.

Sally has been selected for the cover under the 2013/14 theme Keeping Our Communities Healthy, which recognises the selfless Australians who go above and beyond to improve the quality of life for locals in their area.

In 2002, concerned by youth suicide statistics and inspired to raise awareness around the issue, Sally embarked on a 1400 kilometre solo fundraising cycle around Tasmania. This initial journey, known as Sally’s Ride, raised $27,000 for Time Out, a local program which provides support for at-risk youth.

From here, Sally’s Ride grew into a popular event and in 2009, Sally teamed up with the Rotary Club of Central Launceston for much-needed logistical support. The event was re-named Sally’s Ride – Tamar Valley Cycle Challenge and has since expanded to include five rides of varying distances to cater for all fitness levels.

Sally’s Ride, attracting approximately 500 cyclists each year, has raised $250,000 over the past 10 years for numerous mental health research projects and organisations. A major achievement as a result of the ride and a partnership over several years with Australian Rotary Health, is the establishment of Yshareit, a program that provides internet counselling for at-risk youth living in regional Tasmania.

“I really am humbled to have been selected for the cover. I am hoping my selection will continue to raise awareness of youth suicide and its prevention, as well as for Sally’s Ride – Tamar Valley Cycle Challenge,” Sally said.

“Youth mental health is so important and I hope to continue supporting programs and organisations that tackle these issues. Our youth are our future.”

Each year, Sensis®, the publisher of the White Pages® and Yellow Pages®, recognises the efforts of local people in their communities by celebrating their achievements on the cover of its books.

White Pages® Product Manager Sarah Simpson said this year’s theme, Keeping Our Communities Healthy, celebrates people committed to improving the health of Australian communities.

“Health is an issue that affects us all and at the centre of good health are the selfless men and women who devote their time to improving others’ quality of life,” she said.

“We are delighted to recognise Sally’s efforts keeping her community healthy. She is someone who is making a positive impact on health and wellbeing in the Launceston region.”

The Launceston White Pages® and Yellow Pages® will commence distribution throughout Launceston and North East Tasmania over the next six weeks.

Ms Simpson said the return to the larger font size followed a review of feedback from users and advertisers about the previous year’s book.

“Although we believe most people prefer a book that is lighter and easier to handle, to publish this type of book we have to alter the font size,” she said.

“We will continue researching a solution that meets these needs, but, in the meantime, the larger font will appear in this year’s book.”

Residents and businesses can choose not to receive a copy of the White Pages® and Yellow Pages® by calling Sensis® on 1800 008 292 or visiting

Did you know? The previous local people to appear on the cover of the Launceston White Pages® and Yellow Pages® were:

2012/13: Launceston mother and daughter duo Robyn Hanson OAM and Belinda Kitto featured on the cover under the theme A Helping Hand, The Aussie Way. Robyn and Belinda were recognised for helping people with a disability enjoy sport and recreational activities through their group New Horizons Club.

2011/12: Rosevears resident Sandra Murray appeared on the cover under the theme Australians Creating a Better Future. As the Launceston facilitator of Transition Town, Sandra’s selection recognised her work promoting sustainable living alternatives.

2010/11: Launceston resident Esther Rubenach graced the cover under the Courageous Australians theme for her work with the Break O’ Day State Emergency Services. Esther has long demonstrated great courage while attending a number of life threatening incidents.
White Pages® Product Manager Sarah Simpson