Greens across the country joined the Single Parents Action Group today in protests calling for increased support for single parents.

Single parents moved off parenting payments have seen their incomes cut by $60 to $120 per week from already over-stretched budgets. With the rate of Newstart set well below the poverty line, living on Newstart is next to impossible.

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson and Cassy O’Connor addressed a crowd on Parliament House Lawn in Hobart.

“Instead of pandering to the big miners, the Government should close loopholes in the mining tax and use the extra revenue to support single parents,” Senator Whish-Wilson said.

The Australian Greens have a package of two Bills that lift the base rate of Newstart by $50 per week and provide single parents with an additional $40 per week supplement, giving single parents the ability to retain more from paid work, and an enforceable right to flexible working conditions. These Bills build on the work of last year’s Senate Inquiry – initiated by the Greens – which found that Newstart is inadequate.

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Senator Peter Whish-Wilson and Cassy O’Connor