Greens Alderman and Senate candidate Helen Burnet took her life into her own hands when she rode down Sandy Bay Road today.

“April 16 marks one year since the aldermen of Hobart City Council endorsed installing a bikeway with separated lanes. This was in response to the wishes of the community, after one of Council’s most extensive community consultation processes,” Alderman Burnet said.

“The fact that there is still not one line marking on that road says Hobart City Council is a go-slow Council when it comes to bike facilities. Is it the Council is too afraid to implement plans that provide safety for bike riders, and clarity for all Sandy Bay Road users?”

Alderman Burnet attended a Council workshop in March which focused on new designs for the proposal. Each design was a significant departure from the original proposal and fell short of an appropriate solution.

“Plans considered very briefly at that workshop fell desperately short of delivering good bike infrastructure for bike riders of all ages,” Alderman Burnet said.

Ald Burnet wants the provision of a safe cycleway which promotes bike riding along Sandy Bay Road. She regards it as one of the best Tasmanian roadways for separated bike lanes.

“We need action on the building of a bike facility with separated lanes where possible, to deliver on what a majority of people wanted when consulted on the project almost three years ago. We need to deliver a safe facility which encourages people from 8-80 years to ride to school, to uni, to work and to the recreational and sporting facilities we have in abundance along this route.

“Hobart City Council’s sluggishness on bike facilities appears as a lack of leadership when other cities in Tasmania and around the world are making significant structural changes to improve bike riding options.

“I would like to think that this time next year I could ride in better conditions along Sandy Bay Road.”

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Greens Alderman and Senate candidate Helen Burnet