Could you show your solidarity by taking this simple action – making up a placard or banner and taking a photo of yourselves with this message ‘Don’t trash forests for bioenergy – it harms wildlife, climate and people’

We’ll collate these on the website to show international concern and collaboration on this cause.

If you visit this link

We have already made up a graphic that you can use, print it out and hold up with a group of activists. Take your pic and we will add it to our visual petition. This will be our solidarity effort to bring together a strong and united voice on the 15 April.

We are having some great supporters sign up from the US and UK, people who are working to fight this new assault of native forests, people who are fighting dirty incinerators in their towns, and people who are waking up to this biomassacre.

If you can not get along to a protest in your town, maybe create one? Or simply gather together some people in your community or activist network, artists collective, friends, work colleagues, and stand with us to make a big noise on 15 April.

Post me the image on the 15 April and I will upload to our website.

Thank you —

on behalf of the Australian Forest and Climate Alliance

Email address for contact
Jenny Weber Huon Valley Environment Centre