Reg A. Watson
The Lindisfarne Historical Society (LHS) will be putting together a publication which tells of the history of the area. Committee member of the LHS and Compiler, Tasmanian historian and author, Reg. A. Watson, said that there is an opportunity for locals to have a piece published in the book.

“It’s an exciting project for the Society,” said Mr Watson, “which is well over due.”

The publication is planned to cover all aspects of past life in Lindisfarne, Geilston Bay and into Risdon.

Mr Watson said that pieces can be up to 1200 words and can deal with their person’s own family history of the area or local happenings, wartime experiences, yachting, sport, education, policing, old houses, and picture theatres – indeed anything pertaining to Lindisfarne and surrounds.

“We are not expecting everyone to be a credited writer. It will be their own story in their own words,” added Mr. Watson.

“However, so not to duplicate, it would be best to contact me first with a brief description of what the writer proposes and hopefully being bereft of the subject, I shall ask the potential writer to go ahead.

“It is a great social project and it is hoped that by September 2014 it will be all completed at the very latest ;possibly even earlier.”

For those wishing to inquire they can contact Reg Watson on

Lindisfarne is a very old area and was once the holiday place for many Hobartians. In its early times there were ample orchards. Now it is a vibrant suburban area, but it has the wonderful situation where descendants of the early families still live in the proximity.

“I am a fairly new to the area,” said Mr Watson, “having only being here for 13 years, but I have found it has a rich heritage of which I am constantly learning.”