Devonport, Australia — March 21, 2013 — Sitel, a leading global customer care provider, today announced it has achieved certification to the COPC Customer Service Provider (CSP) Standard, Version 5.0, for its Devonport contact centre in Tasmania. The Sitel facility is the first contact centre in Tasmania to be certified to the COPC CSP Standard, ensuring the centre has met operational targets required of high-performing organisations in the areas of customer satisfaction, revenue, service, quality and cost.

“Sitel is delighted to have been awarded certification to the COPC CSP Standard, and we are extremely proud of the excellent service standard delivered by our Australian employees on behalf of our clients” says Brendan Mengel, Sitel’s General Manager, Australia and New Zealand. “Certification by COPC Inc. is globally recognised within the contact centre industry and demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of Sitel’s operational performance. Certification to the COPC CSP Standard reinforces Sitel’s position as a leader of the Australian customer contact centre industry.”

Sitel Australia is a significant component of Sitel’s Asia Pacific operation, which also comprises a nearshore facility in Auckland, New Zealand and offshore facilities in the Philippines and India. Sitel provides world-class customer care solutions to blue-chip organisations across its global network.

The COPC CSP Standard is a performance management system for customer service providers and is the original Standard in the COPC® Family of Standards. Created in 1996, the COPC CSP Standard remains the most prestigious and widely recognised certification program for operating a high performance customer contact centre.

Certification to the COPC CSP Standard is a three-part process where an organisation works closely with the team at COPC Inc. to set goals and implement change. First, COPC Inc. conducts an independent and objective assessment of the operational performance of the contact centre compared to the rigorous performance management system found within each Standard. COPC Inc. then offers specific recommendations for improvement and provides support for the centre to implement operational change in areas such as recruiting and training, workforce management and quality. At the end of this process, the centre must meet the requirements of the COPC Standard during a certification audit, which includes both implementing effective processes and achieving minimum performance thresholds.

“When an organisation such as Sitel makes the commitment to become certified to the COPC CSP Standard, they are showing their dedication to doing the work required to achieve success. This endeavour is a serious undertaking, but the results have demonstrated Sitel’s capability to deliver outstanding operational performance and very high levels of customer satisfaction” says Ian Aitchison, CEO, Asia Pacific Region, COPC Inc.

About Sitel

Sitel is a world leader in outsourced customer care services. With more than 26 years of industry experience, Sitel has twice been ranked as the top overall call center outsourcing provider in Datamonitor’s annual Black Book of Outsourcing survey. Sitel’s 58,000 employees provide clients with predictable and measurable Return on their Customer Investment by building customer loyalty, increasing sales and improving efficiency. Sitel’s solutions span 120+ domestic, nearshore, and offshore centres in 24 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. The company is privately held and majority owned by Canadian diversified company, Onex Corporation. For more information, please visit

About COPC Inc.

Since 1996, COPC Inc. has provided consulting services and training to help companies improve revenue, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction in operations that support the customer experience. COPC Inc.’s main offering is performance improvement services for customer contact centres, including in-house and outsourced, as well as vendor management organisations. The foundation of all COPC Inc. work is the COPC® Family of Standards, a collection of the most prestigious and rigorous performance management systems for the customer contact industry. COPC Inc. is privately held with headquarters in Winter Park, Florida, U.S., and with operations in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan.
Peter Green Marketing and Solutions Manager