Somewhere in Australia right now there is a magnificent urban design project just waiting to
receive the country’s premier Urban Design Award.

Groups, organisations and individuals currently involved in the planning, development and design
industries are being invited to nominate a project they believe should receive an Australia Award
for Urban Design (AAUD)

The winner of the 2013 AAUD will be announced at the annual Award dinner held at the National
Portrait Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 25 June 2013.

This coveted Award was first proposed by the Urban Design Task Force under former Prime
Minister Paul Keating with the inaugural presentation in 1996. It acknowledges the critical role
good urban design plays in the social, economic and environmental development of our cities and

AAUD is now hosted by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) with support from the Australian
Institute of Architects, Property Council of Australia, Green Building Council of Australia, Consult
Australia, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, and the Urban Design Forum.

This year’s AAUD is the second since the Federal Government’s launch in November of an Urban
Design Protocol for Australian cities and towns – Creating Places for People.

The initiative came after two years of cooperation and collaboration between governments,
industry and the community and is seen as a significant move forward in the recognition of the
role of urban design.

PIA President Dyan Currie said the AAUD is essential in exposing the work of the industry to the
wider community and vital to continued best practice in urban design.

“Last year’s winners included such stand out projects such as the Darling Quarter in Sydney and
River Quay in Brisbane and today those precincts are there to be enjoyed as exemplar urban
design projects,” Ms Currie said.

“The Award program puts the spotlight on the best urban design projects in Australia and we
encourage those in the industry to enter the work they believe demonstrates excellence.

“Again this year the scope is wide ranging and we expect to see a broad range of entries that
make a positive difference to our places, spaces, buildings and infrastructure.

“This is a prestigious Award inclusive of the multiple disciplines that contribute to good urban

The 2013 AAUD will see winners in various categories including ‘Delivered Outcomes’ and
‘Policies, Programs and Concepts’. In 2012 that category was won by a vision for the Penrith of
the Future.

The judges in this highly regarded urban design award will be looking for projects that display an
obvious ‘x factor’. Projects with certain characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd have
a good chance of success.

The nomination kit for the 2013 Australia Award for Urban Design can be found on the PIA web
site at . Nominations must be received by 4pm Monday 13 May 2013.
Planning Institute Australia