The Coalition has reconfirmed its commitment to the 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target.

We welcome the Government today finally responding to the RET review, as the drawn out response has created uncertainty for the industry.

The Coalition provided bipartisan support to the establishment of the Renewable Energy Target, including one of the major elements of the agreement for a scheduled review of the RET every two years. The Government has today walked away from that agreement.

We would retain the current two year review, due in 2014. This has always been our position and until today, had been the position of the ALP.

We also disagree with the position of the Government’s decision to reject the proposal by the Climate Change Authority to consider wood waste eligibility, which is just further evidence that the Gillard Government has caved once again to the pressure of its Greens alliance.

The Coalition is very much aware of the importance of providing certainty for the renewable energy sector and that any significant change would create sovereign risk.

The RET was introduced by the Howard Government and we have been consistent in our support for the scheme which assists in reducing Australia’s CO2 emissions.

Minister Combet’s suggestion that the Coalition has flagged that it will cut the legislated target is completely wrong.

The Coalition is not proposing and has not proposed any changes to the target.

Unlike the Gillard Government, the Coalition understands the importance of full consultation with the energy and resources sector.

A Coalition Government would consult comprehensively with industry about the review of the RET, as part of a commitment to full and open discussions in all parts of the energy and resources policy.
The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources