With the Easter long weekend approaching, Tasmanians are being urged to ensure their
home and contents are secure and safe from theft during the holiday break, with new
research showing almost a quarter of people are leaving their homes vulnerable to theft.

RACT Insurance CEO Trent Sayers said the company’s research showed 22 per cent of
Tasmanians don’t fully lock their homes when leaving the house.

“Holiday periods are prime time for burglars and thieves, so it is vital to ensure your property
is secure when you leave the house,” Mr Sayers said.

“Criminals take any advantage they can get, and being complacent with the security of your
property plays right into their hands.”

Mr Sayers also said 40 per cent of Tasmanians were also leaving their homes unlocked while
they were inside, leaving themselves vulnerable to burglaries and home invasions.

“Surprisingly, females are more likely than males to leave the house unlocked while they are
at home,” he said.

“Our new research also shows that people without home insurance are more likely [24 per
cent] to leave their homes unlocked when leaving the house than people who are fully insured
[21 per cent], which is a particularly worrying statistic.”

Mr Sayers said prevention was still the simplest way to ensure your home was safe during
holiday breaks.

“Leaving several lights on inside the house or arranging for a house-sitter is a good way to
dissuade any potential thieves,” he said.

“Our research also shows that 69 per cent of Tasmanians, including 91 per cent of retirees
look after their neighbours’ homes, and vice versa.

“This is a great way to provide peace of mind that your property is safe while you’re away.
“Holidays should be the time to relax, without the constant worry of your home and contents
being secure.”
RACT Insurance CEO Trent Sayers