Advocates for Marriage Equality have welcomed the overwhelming support for marriage equality being demonstrated by the most ever submissions in favour of any issue in the history of NSW Parliamentary inquirie being lodged.

It has been estimated that over 7.500 submissions have been made in favour of marriage equality, more than three times the amount of any other inquiry

Australian Marriage Equality National Convener, Rodney Croome said:

“Not only was there a huge number of submissions in favour of reform, but many personal stories shared by people across NSW and the entire country”

“Just as has been the case federally, marriage equality motivates people to take action and engage in political process more than any other issue”

The news comes ahead of this Saturday’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras where more people than ever before will be marching for equality, including a number of high-profile supporters, sports stars, and politicians:

Mr Croome said,

“This year high profile personalities like David Campbell will joined at the parade by rugby players like Adam Ashley-Cooper and representatives of all political parties to show their support for marriage equality”

Mr Croome said couples and families across the country will fly to Sydney to march for equality.

Tiffany Farrington, who is helping coordinate the AME float, is one of the many straight supporters of reform who will be joining the parade:

“I will be one of hundreds of straight supporters joining the parade to march for my gay and lesbian friends to be treated equally by the law”.

Australian Marriage Equality will hold a photo opportunity and press conference outside St. Mary’s Cathedral at 5pm on Saturday before the parade.
Australian Marriage Equality National Convener, Rodney Croome