By Tess Lawrence

A bogus Jimmy ‘Saville’ page has been posted on the 200 million strong professional networking site, Linked In:

The listing features this photo of the ‘real’ Jimmy Savile :


The once almost deified British TV megastar and knight who died in 2011 and whose name and reputation is now trashed as hundreds come forward to denounce him as a serial rapist and prolific sexual abuser of children and young people in particular.

His occupation on Linked In is listed as Entertainer and his industry listed as Broadcast Media.

For years his name was synonymous with the BBC, later rocked by the squalid Savile scandal and revelations of its attempts to suppress and cover up the allegations. For years, as well as more recently, including preventing exposes from going to air.

Jimmy, known for his ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ show, put the ‘vile’ into Savile.

Apart from the probably deliberate misspelling of his surname to lessen chances of site security blocking, at first glance the listing appears authentic.

Closer inspection of the detail reveals the spoof: –

January 1970 – Present (43 years 3 months)
I was a fiddler

This Jimmy Saville has 3 connections and all are invited to contact him for: –
career opportunities
consulting offers
new ventures
job inquiries
expertise requests
business deals
reference requests
getting back in touch

Under the headline ‘Viewer of this profile also viewed…’ are included Gary Glitter who gets a couple of mentions.

He’s the former ‘glam’ rockstar whose fall from grace ballooned along with his waistline and wig. He has been charged in relation to underage sexual offences and is implicated in the sordid Savile revelations.

Also mentioned is a ‘ Fred West ‘ possibly referring to the now-dead half (he suicided) of the murdering duo Fred and Rosemary West.

This latest Linked In hoax comes only days after another Linked In spoof job ad for a new Pope was detected and taken down from the site.