The Tasmanian Greens today pursued a fair go for state superannuants, securing the support of the Labor Party for an actuarial study into the indexation of pension payments by the Retirement Benefits Fund.

In State Parliament today, Greens Leader Nick McKim MP brought on a motion to examine the costs associated with giving Tasmania’s 7000 plus retired state servants a pension based on a more accurate reflection of living expenses, instead of the current flawed model that uses CPI as an index.

“This simple reform would mean so much to so many Tasmanians, immediately improving their quality of life,” Mr McKim said.

“The State Superannuants Association has commissioned an independent report that shows that the benefits of indexing pension payments to cost of living increases would far outweigh the cost.”

“When the Australian Bureau of Statistics explicitly states that the CPI is not a cost of living index, you have to question why this reform has not taken place earlier.”

“Unfortunately when the Liberals were presented with an opportunity to support this measure in line with their pre-election commitment, they chose to oppose it purely for the sake of being negative.”

“Tony Abbott has listened to the calls of his constituents and agreed to tackle reform at a Federal level, it would be an honourable gesture for the state Liberals to commit to the same for Tasmania.”

“The Liberals went to the 2010 supporting this measure, but what we saw from Peter Gutwein during the parliamentary debate was vicious, base politics.”

“Denying financial security to citizens who have made valuable contributions to our society is not acceptable.”
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader Thursday, 20 March 2013