New cleafell, next coupe in background

Eagle nest about 30 metres off Coupe BA388D boundary

Average tree diameter to be logged

Below is an encrypted Google map of the areas surrounding my property, including the proposed Coupe BA388D and existing plantation growth and FT activities.


I do not intend to make substantive comment as I believe the pictures (Some above and, Download below) tell the story!

There is little doubt that the FT is conducting a working forest activity consisting of foxglove infestation of the Liffey State Forest (and the access road to the Liffey Falls WHA); the clearfelling of immature plantation; seeded plantation regrowth; and the destruction of animal and birdlife habitat.

The location of the eagle nest is of particular interest as it was not identified in the FPP for BA388D, and the location would preclude much, if not all activity, and would have been prejudiced by the plantation directly to the NNE.

Sustainable Forestry this is not!!!

Download the pictures:

My expierience of dealing with Forestry Tasmania