October 13th 2012, 12 noon Parliament Lawns

After the unprecedented success and hundreds marching last year, Slutwalk Hobart is on again this year!

SLUTWALK first began in Toronto Canada, where on January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police gave shocking insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault by stating: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.

SLUTWALK HOBART exists to condemn victim blaming and sexual violence, to empower all persons affected by sexual assault and to involve our community to keep its members safe. We are walking to spread the word that our clothes are not our consent and that sexual assault is NEVER justified and survivors are NEVER at fault.

All are welcome and there is no dress code, come dressed however you feel comfortable. The point is to illustrate that EVERYONE deserves to be safe, and ALL people affected by sexual assault deserve support and justice.

*12pm – Gathering At Parliament Lawns For Placard Making.
*12.30pm – SPEECHES by Robin Banks, Tracey Wing, Kelly
*1.00pm Collective Scream and March Leaves TO FINISH AT PARLIAMENT LAWNS
*1.30pm AFTER PARTY/PICNIC WITH BANDS Featuring Speakeasies, Lordy Lordy, Tommy and Cora Pearl

Join us to spread the word that those affected by sexual assault are never to blame, without exception.

Slutwalk Hobart