Two members of recently formed environmental advocacy group GroundSwell are participating today in the ‘Burnie 10’ fun run, showing their support for the protection of the Tarkine.

Sarah Van Est, 25, and Lisa Searle, 30, both of Launceston, are taking part in the Burnie 10 for the first time today. They are wearing T-shirts bearing the text: “Tarkine Heritage Listing” and are supported by a number of other members of the group who will be standing in silent solidarity portraying the same message on a large banner.

“Time is running out for the Tarkine, and we are taking this opportunity to get the message out to the people of Tasmania that the threats to the Tarkine are real and imminent,” said spokesperson for the group, Dr Lisa Searle.

“There are 10 new mines planned for the Tarkine in the next 5 years, which will cause irreversible destruction to this rich, diverse ecosystem.” She continued.

“The most immediate mining threat is Venture minerals’ proposed strip mine at Riley Creek, which will fund Venture’s other mining projects in the area and, if approved could be starting within the next 2 months. The mining of this area would include clearing of forest which has been independently verified as globally significant.”

The group, GroundSwell, are a non-violent grassroots direct action group based in Northern Tasmania, who are advocating for NO NEW MINES IN THE TARKINE. Upcoming actions from this group will be seen across Tasmania in the near future.
Dr Lisa Searle