Responsys’ Big Australia Report reveals senior marketers need to upskill when it
comes to smart digital marketing

Melbourne, Australia — 15 October 2012 – Responsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: MKTG) a leading provider of email and cross-channel marketing solutions today revealed the findings of the company’s third annual Big Australia Report*. The results uncover that Australian digital marketers are increasingly savvy, but still face significant challenges when it comes to lack of time, resources and a widening gap in digital expertise.

For example, three in four (74%) Australian digital marketers prioritise targeting and segmentation of their digital marketing campaigns over increasing the volume of messages sent (28%). This underscores that digital marketers are taking a more sophisticated approach in the way they engage with their audience, but at the same time, the Responsys Big Australia Report signals that digital marketers are increasingly time poor, with 52% feeling that their team is not sufficiently equipped to analyse and action the amount of customer data that’s now available through the digital channels.

In addition, while half (49%) of marketers expect digital marketing budgets to increase in the next twelve months, only 37% intend to employ additional digital marketing staff, suggesting that the workload of today’s marketer is set to rise. And what’s more, over half of Australian marketers (57%) feel there is a lack of digital expertise in their organisation and 70% believe they have equal or more digital marketing experience than their manager, suggesting that the gap in digital expertise is widening among Australian marketers.

Simon O’Day, Vice President of Responsys Asia Pacific said, “There’s now an increasing divide between marketers who are using technology to build lasting, individual relationships with consumers versus those who rely on mass distribution of messages. While it’s encouraging that skilled marketers are now focusing on more targeted forms of digital communication, it concerns me that a significant number are failing to use existing customer data to optimise and execute smarter campaigns.”

O’Day continued, “It’s clear that the next generation of talent is hot on the heels of those in more senior positions. Unless Australian marketers start moving with the times, in a few more years we may see the younger, savvier digital marketers landing the top strategic marketing jobs in favour of their counterparts with more years on the clock.”

Other key findings include:
 More digital execution is now done in-house. Just over a quarter (28%) of Australian companies surveyed outsource digital marketing activities compared to more than half (57%) in 2011, indicating that those with digital marketing skills are becoming more confident at executing their own campaigns
 Only a fifth (22%) understand the impact of the proposed e-Privacy legislation on their business and only 35% have a partial understanding, suggesting that digital marketers are not prepared for the ramifications that the proposals could have on their day-to-day activity
 Digital marketers anticipate sending higher volumes of email, mobile and social media messages. In the next year, 70% of digital marketers expect to send a higher volume of email campaigns and 64% plan to send more individual emails. In addition 68% of digital marketers believe they will send more social media messages and almost half (48%) anticipate the volume of mobile campaigns they send will increase.
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*125 digital marketers in Australia were surveyed in July and August 2012.