Meredith McQueen is on her directorial debut with the production of David Williamson’s ‘Soul Mates’.

Meredith feels a certain affinity with David Wiliamson as both she and Mr Williamson are engineers, she civil, such as road design and sub divisions and he mechanical. she formed a connection to this play over ten years ago when she saw it performed in Melbourne. Its seems a natural conclusion that this civil woman has engineered a production David Williamson would be proud of.

Meredith, who had previously played in ‘A woman of no importance’ and ‘The Browning Version’, something of a family affair with her husband, a teacher, playing a teacher and her son also taking part. Meredith also cut her teeth and possibly planted the seed of direction when she would take part in The Playhouse Sunday readings of plays. There are a lot of reasons why Meredith selected this play when invites for submissions were sent out.

Meredith loves the play because it encompasses strong roles for mature women, it is pacey with over 31 scenes, so it is very difficult to be bored and the female character is based on the sometime outrageous Ms Kathy Lette, she of the witty, and sometimes snappy lines.

The play poses the questions why should that which is popular be dismissed as having no literary value? Williamson is giving a jibe at his detractors in this play and the comments they made to him about his being successful not translating to the worthiness of his work

Before the play starts its run, and in conjunction with the State Library of Tasmania, you can get a tantalising taste of the play when some acts from the play are performed at Hobart, Rosny and Kingston Linc on October 5 and 6.

The play will be performed at The Playhouse Theatre on 26 October to 10 November.

Paula Xiberras