A polygot is defined as one who speaks many languages and the polygot theatre with its ‘international’ language of creative play is going a way toward breaking down the barriers between countries in their international experiment/ cross between theatre and art instillation called ‘We Built This City’ which involves building a ‘city’ from cardboard boxes.

You may have already seen around Hobart city located outside shops and shopping centres, some of the friendly ambassadors of the event.

The friendly characters and the larger assemblage to come are also reminders of the ephemeral nature of what we build and create because at the end of the event the structures will be demolished just as our concrete creations are pulled down, replaced and rejuvenated over time.

You are cordially invited to be an amateur architect and take part in the creativities in a creative workshop on Saturday November 10th and 11th. The two hour workshops from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm each day take place at a suitably vacant block on the corner of Campbell and Collins Street. Provisions have been made in case of rain to take the production inside and refreshments can be purchased.

It’s building both cardboard cities and something more substantial, in that the event encourages co-operation, teamwork, problem solving and forges friendships between participants.
Paula Xiberras