It is celebration time, with an African Australian woman from Sudan having passed the University of Tasmania’s fast track nursing degree course.

Susan Mogga, who arrived in Tasmania as a Refugee in 2002, after being in refugee camp for 6years is graduating on Saturday 11th August. Since her arrival to Australia Susan has faced many tough personal and social challenges.

Despite all the challenges Susan didn’t give up to be where she is today and it is a testament to her drive and tenacity that she has succeeded so well.

When Susan first arrived, like many others, she spoke minimal English,though fluent in five other languages. She attended the Adult Migrant English Language course at TAFE (now Polytechnic) and then proceeded to complete Certificate iii &IV in Aged Care. She worked in the aged care sector for some years before being accepted into the two year, fast track Nursing and Midwifery course in Hobart.

Among other challenges Susan has faced include;being a single mother with three young daughters.In 2006 she went back to Africa to visit her mum after the death of her father whom she hasn’t seen for 10 years. When she returned to Australia she was thrown out of the house and became homeless with a 6monthold baby, sheltering with friends. After a month of being homeless St Vincent De Paul provided her with shelterwhich Susan settled in quite well.Then in 2010, her first year ofthe University course,the house was flooded on two occasions interrupting her studies. She also had to take time away from her studiesto have the opportunity to visit her mother in Sudan before she died.

Susan’s older brother also died not long after her mother. He would have been so proud of Susan passing the course, as he was the one who used to pay her school fees back in Sudan.

It is with minimal assistance that Susan has pursued her studies, though she is appreciative of the support she receivedfrom;the School of Nursing and Midwifery,a women’s group she has been part of since 2002 and other friends who volunteered to look after herchildren during work placement.However, it is Susan who has shown the resilience and perseverance needed to achieve this remarkable goal.
Yabbo Thompson