Clients from Cosmos joined Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan and Tasmanian Premier Lara
Giddings in Hobart today, to celebrate the recent announcement that the State will host a
pilot program for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Cosmos, an award-winning community organisation offering learning opportunities for people
with intellectual disabilities, is prepared and enthusiastic about participating in the pilot for
15 – 24 year old people with disability in Tasmania.

Cosmos CEO Catherine Viney said there were a number of issues with the service system as it
currently stood and the NDIS pilot would enable these to be identified and addressed.

“For example service providers are currently only funded between the hours of 9am and 3pm,
which means that families and carers are prevented from being able to seek day time, full
time employment,” Ms Viney said.

“This has a compounded impact, resulting in many families who have a member with a
disability being economically disadvantaged and socially isolated.

“Often the issue for people with disabilities is that once they have access to the community,
their ability to participate is limited because of their complex communication needs or
personal care requirement.

“The additional financial support received through the NDIS program will allow people with a
disability to pay for the additional support they need to participate in society.”

Ms Viney said the pilot would also mean that some of the service gaps that existed at
particular life stages would be addressed.

“For example, the transition from infants to school age, from school to post school age, and
particular needs as people with disabilities, will be addressed because these people will have
the money to influence the services available.

“The NDIS will address the fundamental gaps in human rights that exist in our society and we
are very excited to welcome the trial in Tasmania.”
Cosmos Inc