Somewhere Else at CAST gallery, tonight (Tuesday 28 August) at 6pm, and Wednesday 29 August, 1130am and 1230pm. [CAST gallery, 27 Tasma St, North Hobart, ph: 6233 3249]

This is a free event! So come along and check out what promises to be an intriguing performance experience.

Somewhere Else involves seven dancers from Tasdance performing a fluid interpretation and response to In a Silent Way, a current sound exhibition at CAST, curated by Matt Warren. This project nurtures exciting young and emerging choreographer, Marnie Palomares, who will create a work in response to three gallery spaces throughout Tasmania – liaising with QVMAG in Launceston, Contemporary Art Services Tasmania (CAST) in Hobart, and the Burnie Art Gallery on the North West Coast.

Somewhere Else is about observation, installation and display. It is a creative and physical response to art, audience and architecture. The performers invite the audience on a journey to explore a site where they playfully share through shifting perspectives. Somewhere Else is an opportunity to showcase the talent of Marnie Palomares to local audiences, and reinforces Tasdance’s willingness to nurture emerging talent.

In a Silent Way, curated by Matt Warren, features sound work by Laura Altman, Monica Brooks, Nicholas Bullen, Darren Cook, Lawrence English, Samaan Fieck, Gail Priest, and Joel Stern. This exhibition uses ideas put forwards by Brian Eno where amorphous or subliminal sound, deliberately placed, can contribute to the mood of a space – ‘ambient music’ rather than grabbing your attention. Unknown and potentially unique clusterings of sound elements mean the audience may hear a particular combination of sounds perhaps only once during the entire run of the show.

And remember it’s FREE!
Richard Longbottom