Extreme poverty can seem a distant concept living in Tasmania, as can the work many Tasmanians do to
help eradicate it. Bringing these ideas closer to home for volunteers and community members, the Oaktree
Foundation Tasmania welcomes to the state the Oaktree Speaker Tour guest Rumdourl Men, a project
manager from our partner organisation Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) in Cambodia.

The Oaktree Foundation Tasmania would like to invite media to attend the Oaktree Foundation’s
Speaker Tour event held at Parliament House Reception Room on Tuesday September
4th from 9am-10:30am.

Rumdourl is now on the last leg of the Oaktree Foundation Speaker Tour after travelling around the nation
discussing the impact the work undertaken by Oaktree, through our partnership with KAPE, has on the lives
of hundreds of children in Cambodia.

“Through my work at KAPE I hope that vulnerable children and poor children have the ability and opportunity
to finish their education. I believe that through a good education we will be able to increase the human
resources and reduce poverty in Cambodia,” Rumdourl said.

“The thing that excites me the most about my trip to Australia is having a chance to share what Kampuchean
Action for Primary Education does in Cambodia to young Australian people.”

Oaktree Tasmania’s State Director, Rob Hortle, said this is a perfect opportunity to engage and inspire
volunteers, politicians and community members, and highlight the importance of the work people do to end
extreme poverty.

“So many people dedicate their lives to ending this injustice, so Oaktree Tasmania is thrilled to have the rare
opportunity to welcome Rumdourl to the state to talk about our partner organisation’s success and progress,”
Rob said. “It demonstrates that everyone’s hard work is making a real difference to the lives of real people.”

There will be question time and photo opportunities for media throughout the whole event.

For more information on the Oaktree Foundation Speaker Tour and Kampuchean Action for Primary
Education please go to theoaktree.org.
Who: The Oaktree Foundation Tasmania
What: The Oaktree Foundation Speaker Tour Event
Where: Parliament House Reception Room
Time: 9:00am – 10:30am
Carla Johnson, Oaktree Tasmania Communications Coordinator