03 August, 2012

Senator Stephen Parry today expressed concern as the adverse impact of Federal Labor’s Carbon Tax Package is starting to be felt by local business.

“Local tourism operator, Tamar River Cruises, will incur additional operational costs of over $12,000 per year as a direct result of the reduction in the fuel rebate which kicked in on the 1st August,” Senator Parry said.

As part of the Carbon Tax Package, Labor is reducing existing fuel credits by an amount equal to the carbon price for electricity generation, mining, rail and marine transport.

“Fuel rebate is thus being reduced from 38c to 32c.

“Tamar River Cruises uses 200,000 litres of fuel per year.

“The increased costs will have a detrimental affect on their business at a time when tourist operators are already doing it really tough,” said Senator Parry.

“This is yet again proof that the carbon tax will harm Australians and their businesses. Higher input costs will mean increases in ticket prices and transportation fees for consumers. No Australian is immune from Labor’s reckless carbon tax,” Senator Parry said.
Senator Stephen Parry Liberal, Tasmania Deputy President of the Senate