What is a transducer? What is singularity? What is VOLTAGE?

VOLTAGE is the Tasdance world premiere of two electrically charged works from two extraordinary choreographers Larissa McGowan and Anna Smith.

Recognised for the potency of her work this is Larissa’s first partnership with Tasdance, after ten years with the Australian Dance Theatre. In the compelling work Transducer she has been inspired to examine energy conversion in all its forms and impacts. The bodies of the dancers are held in a supercharged bond, neither touching nor apart invoking an inescapable physical connection.

Collaborator and Sydney-based composer Charlie Chan adds an arresting soundscore to this intriguing work.

Celebrated and innovative artist Anna Smith returns to Tasdance to create the provocative work A Human Calculation. Futurist Ray Kurzweil has computed a point of singularity – an ever approaching moment when technological change becomes so “rapid and profound it ruptures the fabric of human history”. He predicts that by 2045 we will reach the point where the power of technology and computers will surpass that of all human brains combined. What if this prediction is correct? In A Human Calculation, Anna intricately examines this fragile balance with a cutting edge design from collaborators Lexi George (costumes) and Frog Peck of Bluebottle (set & lighting).

Once again Tasdance brings you cutting edge works emerging from contemporary life, charged with meaning and reflection, inspired by science and the purity and simplicity of human connection.

Duration: I hour 20 mins

Choreography: Larissa McGowan & Anna Smith (AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW; Biogs available on request)

Composer: Charlie Chan (for Transducer) (Biog available on request)

Set & lighting design: Frog Peck – Bluebottle (AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW Biog available on request)

Dancers: Ben Chapman, Sarah Fiddaman, Brianna Kell, Jenni Large, Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Tim Walsh
Princess Theatre 57 Brisbane Street, Launceston (03) 6323 3666. Thursday 26 July 8pm, Friday 27 July 1pm & 8pm, 28 July 8pm. Prices: Adults $38, Theatre North Subscribers $32, Concession/ Students/ U-26/ Tasdance Friends $28, Children 4-16 $18.

Theatre Royal 29 Campbell St Hobart (03) 6233 2299 (or freecall outside of Hobart 1800 650 277). Thursday 2 August 8pm, Friday 3 August 1pm and 8 pm. Prices: $45, $38, $32.