I know we have it all in the blessed world in which we live and perhaps that mountain of abundance obscures the reality of the greater world.

The pace is challenging, the choices many and the endless and relentless need to be a part of the machine to survive and make some sort of way forward are, I am sure, detrimental to our being.

Dare to step off the world for a breather or to recover from aliment, and you drop to the next class down, as debt increases and some form of asset stripping becomes necessary to survive.

Look up and see the wealthy on display, dining sumptuously at the street café’s or cruising in European cars.

Look down and see the unshaven deliverymen, the dwindling number of factory workers, or look further to witness the despair of the footpath wanderers, with tobacco their greatest treasure.

In between single mothers trailed by a bevy of sprogs enjoy temporary wealth from the government, old and clapped four wheel drive utes reverse sprung, overloaded with firewood rattle round the streets and an abundance of handymen vans with hand painted signage are parked in front of two storey houses.

This is who we are and what we have become.

Our leaders talk of the “two speed economy”, but with their blinkered vision they fail to see the multitude.

Do the various classes that make our society mingle with levels above and below, or are we destined to blend simply with our own herds and run as fast as we can to a destination unknown?

Ten years ago I saw an island resistant to change for the sake of change, a community that was casual and engaging and through it all a sense of wellbeing pervaded class.

Now as we hurtle into 2012, we are guided by a leadership that thinks it is changing, but really is so far from reality that it has no way to embrace the new culture in our midst, and a silent class war created by the scurry to grab onto something before all is lost.

Where we go and what we do remain mysteries.

Perhaps we will become the model we embrace and the results will be similar to places like the USA.

In 2012 we observe our communities physical and mental health deteriorating, graffiti adorns our walls and fences, fast food wrappers blow through our streets, spinning wheels from imported cars driven by baseball-capped youths break night’s silence, children wander the parks puffing on cigarettes with impunity and babies suck on sugary cola drinks from the comfort of prams.

Beyond all this, remains hope.

I meet them from time to time.

Some are young and some old.

They are rich and they are poor.

They are single, they are married, they are gay and they have children.

Against the odds, they work hard to make our community a better place.

These are the people I admire, those who truly make a difference.

Seek them out while you make your way through this life.

They will help sustain you.