On Saturday 4 February 2012, the International Golden Key Honour Society held its annual awards ceremony for the Asia-Pacific in Melbourne. Despite having an international membership of over 2,000,000 people, Tasmania shone as one of the best performers.

Golden Key is a university organization open only to the top 15% of university students worldwide. Chapters are rewarded for their member’s academic success, leadership skills, and service to the community. Tasmania achieved Gold Standard, the highest standard possible, and won the ‘Best Intellectual Engagement Event’ award for the entire Asia-Pacific region.

The President of Golden Key Tasmania, Alex Moores, said the award is a fantastic comeback for the division.

“Due to Tasmania’s relatively small size, we can often be overlooked or find it difficult to compete against the larger divisions. But receiving so many awards is a fantastic achievement for UTAS members.

“It has been a difficult few years for the division, with a high turnover of committee members, but 2011 was an excellent comeback year for us and it was humbling to be recognized at such a high level.”

The event that was specifically recognized with the ‘Best Intellectual Engagement Event’ award was a QandA series with panellists such as the Vice-Chancellor of UTAS, Peter Rathjen, the Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, Dr Tim Wardlaw of Forestry Tasmania, and many others.

The annual conference was attended by dignitaries such as Professor Tim Flannery, Virginia Trioli, and RiaanManser. Delegates from Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and over 35 Australian Universities attended the presentation to commend Tasmania’s efforts.
President of Golden Key Tasmania, Alex Moores