David O’Byrne: Real blokes’ bloke

It is cruel, calculated, callous and ever so simple. A scenario played out in playgrounds since the beginning of time. ‘The Lads’, in this case Bartlett, Aird and their mates kick down and destroy all the sandcastles’ in the sandpit. Its great fun while it lasts but of course they need to find a fall guy or for them a fall girl to get them out of trouble.

Who better than the geek girl, Lara, who has more intelligence, fortitude and integrity than their whole gang put together but with a bit of gentle persuasion will take the flack until things settle down and they can dump her and find a real bloke’s bloke, O’Byrne to take over.

She is dispensable and could easily act as the leader of the pack until ‘The Lads’ are ready to run the playground once again. Life will be as it should be and they will again be the king of the castle while Lara cries her eyes out in dunny.

No one likes the budget realities which Lara Giddings is trying to deal with. Most of us have friends or know someone whose lives have been affected by the drastic and desperate cutbacks. We all understand the heartbreak, despair and desperation affecting their lives and the lives of the ones they love. We also know the sheer incompetence and ineptitude of previous Labor governments is largely to blame.

But if you want to see real desperation in the faces of people, of young people with no future and who face an unemployment rate of 30% or older people with no superannuation and workers whose wages have been slashed then visit Greece. There you will see the harsh realities of a mismanaged and truly decaying economy.

Lara is trying to prevent this becoming a reality for us but she is the girl in the playground ‘The Lads’ want to use her, to do their dirty work, take the heat just long enough for one of their own to step in and smell like roses.

The reality is we need to have a dedicated Minister for Health, for Education, Infrastructure and especially Treasury. To do this the Playground needs more kids.

We need enough kids to share the load, take on responsibilities and to keep ‘The Lads’ in check. If they would stop playing with their marbles and come out of their huddle they might just see that with a few more on their team they may actually be able to work together and provide the leadership and government this wonderful State deserves.