All landholders should act now to minimise the risk of a bushfire on their land, the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association warned today.

The Tasmania Fire Service is declaring a fire permit period throughout the state from midnight on Wednesday because of the volume of vegetation that has built up in the growing season and the expectation that it could dry quickly, becoming a fire hazard.

“The declaration does not prevent farmers lighting fires to reduce the hazards,” TFGA chief executive Jan Davis said today, “but they must first get a permit to do so.”

A fire permit is required to burn more than one cubic metre of vegetation.

Ms Davis said long, dry grass and other vegetation on farms were a potential fire hazard, made more serious by the build-up in previous years when Tasmanian has been relatively free of bushfires.

She cited Tasmanian Fire Service chief officer Mike Brown as saying that the state needed only one or two days of warm and windy weather for pasture and grasslands to dry off rapidly. That could cause small fires to become more serious.

“It is vital that farmers show leadership in reducing the risk of fires,” Ms Davis said.

For information on how to obtain a fire permit free call 1800 000 699 or visit
Jan Davis