As Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has a legal win (Supreme Court Grants Assange Right to Appeal, NYT HERE) , we consider the forensic investigation into Interpol’s Red Notice on Julian Assange by journalist Tess Lawrence earlier this year published on Independent Australia and Truthout. There is still a putrid smell about Interpol’s Red Notice on Julian Assange. Interpol was the complicit servant of the United States and Swedish Governments in this matter, asserts Lawrence.

Why did Julian Assange receive an Interpol Red Notice, but Gaddafi only an Orange? Tess Lawrence investigates the murky world of Interpol exclusively for IA, asking some troubling questions and uncovering some startling facts.

Why was Julian Assange – who has not yet been charged – given the most severe Red Notice by Interpol, when brutal dictator Muammar Gaddafi only received an Orange Notice?
Do senior Interpol officials have a vendetta against Wikileaks and Julian Assange?
Is the organisation and its Travel Document system fatally compromised?

What’s with the Interpol Colour Chart for the world’s most wanted?

Recidivist mass murderer Muammar Gaddafi – he of the all-girl vestal virgin Clit Squad – cops a mere clockwork Orange Notice whilst our Julian Assange of WikiLeaks – exposer of state-sanctioned killers and war crimes and who is fighting extradition to Sweden for uncharged sexual allegations – is king hit with the big ticket Red Notice. Go figure.

There’s something shonky going on in the shady world of Interpolitics. Let’s move in for a closer shufti.

Have you checked out the profiles of alleged crims who normally make the Red Notice billboard? We’re talking big-time kahuna felons here. Terrorists, mass murderers, people traffickers, drug barons and their ilk. Got the picture?

Try as I did, I just couldn’t find anyone else in the entire of Red Notice history as far down the criminal dude chain as our Julian. And, apparently, never before has Sweden requested a Red Notice based on similar circumstances and allegations. What’s more, Interpol sources say that the Red Notice posting of Julian Assange is the first and only case of its kind. Is that true Interpol?

Interpol is such a funny little secretive and paradoxical clubbette—always going on about how worthy and important it is to data sharing, preserving international security, the ongoing tumultuous fight against terrorism and corruption and the eradication of international crime by enabling all of their 188 members with the power to fight organised crime—including that well known bastion of human rights, justice and democratic egalitarianism, Libya.

Ipso facto Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the Philippines, Morocco, Sudan, Australia, Britain, the United States, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan and all of the rest of us who are guilty of hypocrisy and political expediency and who wallpaper our economies with banknotes sullied with the sweat and blood of the disenfranchised, the bullied, the defeated and the enslaved.

We dance naked before our fully clothed despotic masters and do their bidding on the pretext they do ours. Ahhh…political fellatio—a higher art form when conducted between consenting countries rather than desperate homo sapiens.

Only a matter of weeks ago, the West and its subordinates were extolling the virtues of the important geopolitical positions and posturings of the likes of dictatorial psychopaths Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gadaffi—Libya’s self-proclaimed ‘King of Africa’.

The facts that these two share the same incompetent hair colourist as Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and appear to have been dipped in formaldehyde should have given us a few clues. They’ve had so much cosmetic surgery they probably haven’t any tear ducts left. That’s why they can’t cry, for pity’s sake, and why they didn’t need all those tear gas canisters we authorised and branded with our logo.

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