Media Release
Saturday November 19th 2011


Equality advocates have welcomed the strong support for reform from Finance Minister, Penny Wong. In an opinion piece, published in today’s AGE, Senator Wong called on the Labor Party to amend their national platform to reflect their core value of equality, and rejected the Prime Minister’s call for a conscience vote (full opinion piece here).

Alex Greenwich, National Convener of Australian Marriage Equality, said Senator Wong’s statement shows how important this issue is to many within Labor:

“Senator Wong’s opinion is reflective of the majority view within Labor. From grassroots members to senior ministers, it is clear that that they want their party to deliver this historic reform”.

“Not only is marriage equality widely supported with Labor, it is also an issue that impacts daily on the lives of many Labor families, such as Senator Wong’s, who want to see an end to discrimination in the marriage act”. Mr Greenwich said.

Senator Wong’s position on the way Labor should handle reform is also being viewed as displaying important foresight”

“Senator Wong knows Labor must solve this issue once and for all and deliver equality. She has the foresight to see the negative and divisive impact the debate will have on Labor if the issue lingers and remains unresolved by the next election”

“If it does remain unresolved by then, it will be due to the far-right of Labor, especially SDA leader Joe De Bruyn, holding the Labor’s core values to ransom, in order to push their own out of touch ideology” Mr Greenwich said.

Recent polling has shown 71% of Labor voters support marriage equality, almost every Labor State Conference and State Leader have also backed reform, as have a number of senior cabinet ministers from both sides of the party.
Alex Greenwich, Australian Marriage Equality