The new report titled “Nowhere Else on Earth: Tasmania’s Marine Natural Values” will be launched in Launceston today, highlighting the unique characteristics of Tasmania’s northern waters, after the Report was released last week to national media interest. A new Poster based on the Report will also be released for the first time.

“The Nowhere Else on Earth report has found that Tasmania is a hot spot for high biodiversity, unusually large numbers of unique species found nowhere else, and rare ecosystems within pristine underwater wilderness areas that rival World Heritage-listed lands,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator, Environment Tasmania.

“Northern Tasmania contains some of these unique and important marine species and their habitats, including a number of internationally important areas for shorebirds, high numbers of fish and invertebrates, and significant seagrass beds,” said Emma Williams, Healthy Coasts and Seas Coordinator, NRM North.

“Our Lower Tamar Estuary is well-known amongst locals for example, but not everyone knows that it has over five square kilometres of spectacular sponge gardens, consisting of sponges, soft corals and gorgonians,” concluded Ms Williams.

“The Nowhere Else on Earth report showcases what makes Tasmania’s marine life so special, and provides a visual feast for those of us unable to experience it firsthand. This report also highlights the existing opportunity for Government to protect our unique and important underwater world to ensure that our grandchildren can experience these magnificent natural wonders, and so that future businesses can be built on their valuable qualities,” concluded Ms Hubbard.

Event details:
Northern Launch and Presentation of Nowhere Else on Earth: Tasmania’s Marine Natural Values
12.30pm – 1.30pm, Wednesday 23rd November
Tamar Island Wetland Centre, West Tamar Rd, Launceston
A light lunch will be served
Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator Environment Tasmania