THE former head of the Sexual Assault Support Service has received a public apology for her prosecution over misconduct allegations.

Karen Donnet-Jones was dismissed and spent two years fighting five criminal charges after being accused of misusing her work credit card by paying a $25 parking fine and for pharmaceuticals relating to her worker’s compensation claim.

She was accused of stealing $1750 because she used the card to cover personal expenses.

Ms Donnet-Jones’s sacking came after she made a complaint about the support service’s board at its 2008 annual general meeting.

The court heard the money was almost immediately paid back and no concerns were raised until two years later.

The charges were dropped after police admitted they were inappropriate and a magistrate described the case against her as ridiculous and ordered her legal costs be paid by the prosecution.

The SASS Board of directors today published an apology saying: “The SASS Board of directors is sorry for the distress suffered by Ms Donnet-Jones and her family as a result of the police investigation and subsequent prosecution.”

Ms Donnet-Jones could not be reached for comment.

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