Some of you have been thanked individually. Other, anonymous, donations are impossible to thank. So, this is a blanket thank you for continuing to support Tasmanian Times.

Those gifts – and the advertising revenue, which is continuing to build – could not have come at a better time.

We had a difficult last month. A spam attack – at one point we had more than 200,000 members – caused the site to slow, and crash. And because of the increasing load on the shared server with the Host, we have renogiated to go to a virtual single server (whatever that means).

Due to an ever increasing number of articles, we have also commissioned a further design tweak (to lessen the toilet-roll effect) and upgrade – introducing new features including a service link; so in one click you can find out when the flights and the ferries leave etc; along with the single-click to find tomorrow’s weather and TV guide.

It all costs money. Thank you … and please keep it coming to: Donations.

And, you may have a business or organisation, or know someone who does, who could benefit from advertising on Tasmanian Times. Not only does it help to keep us afloat, but now with somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000 unique visitors a month (depending which website analysis you believe) it is great value advertising. Unlike print advertising, our ads are ‘buttons’ that take interested visitors directly to your website of choice. Current advertisers have reported that it has been of great value to them.

See the advertising page HERE: or email: or call: 0488 006378

And, last week the 100,000th comment was made since Tassie Times went blog-style in 2004 (we launched in 2002). We were going to award $100,000 to the lucky commenter, but unfortunately they were anonymous.