J.B. Hawkins Antiques through Tasmanian Times is proud to announce a new Annual Award: “The Snouters” for a Tasmanian Pollie or Public Servant who has managed to extract the maximum offered from the “Rivers of Gold” that comprise the rewards offered to upper echelon bureaucrats in Tasmania.

The Annual award will be assessed and made by a specially selected and appointed panel and no correspondence will be entered into.

Readers of this site are asked to make Submissions with Citations in Comments below regarding potential annual winners for consideration.

The Gold Award: A turned Huon Pine medallion with a gold pendant.

The Silver Award: A turned Sassafras medallion with a silver pendant.

The Bronze Award: A turned blackwood medallion with a bronze pendant.

Tenders are hereby called for either the design and or construction of the medallions from expert Tasmanian wood turners.

These may be submitted to J B Hawkins Antiques using his Advertisements on this site.

*Image: HERE

John Hawkins was partly inspired by The wasteful, greedy aimless public sector gurus’ Henry Jones indulgence, written by Nugget Combs, who holds a managing position with the State of Tasmania, but was so disgusted by the Henry Jones indulgence that he penned the Henry Jones indulgence article for Tasmanian Times.

Nugget Combs followed up his article on the Henry Jones indulgence with this eviscerating serve: Southern Water savaged …