About 6 weeks ago, Southern water notified us that they were installing water meters in our Howrah area over a set period of time.

They arrived and proceeded to tread on a couple of bushes while they installed the meter at an odd angle, but probably in line with the pipe.

We put up with the loss of a bush and gave Southern Water the benefit of the doubt.

But, today, they came back, unheralded by any postcard, trampled all over the rain-sodden lawn with heavy boots and trampled to death the spring bulbs which were just beginning to raise their heads, hopefully having pushed their way through the thick, clay soil Southern Water’s previous excavations had thrown up.

Surely, Southern Water are not allowed to come onto our land without permission and they didn’t get our permission before this unwelcome repeat visit.

How many times do they think they need to come back, without warning, without leaving a card in the postbox or without knocking to see if anyone was home (there was).

• Susan Havard can be contacted through Tasmanian Times: editor@oldtt.pixelkey.biz