It could be seen as a Sin of Omission. But whatever the regard, it was an odd oversight.

Our morning newspaper reported the latest phase in the restoration of Hobart’s St David’s Anglican Cathedral, with work done in the church cloisters. And with this the last major part of the cathedral complex had been completed, according to the cathedral’s website.

But it was the Mercury report that was puzzling. It noted that the $3.8 million renovations had been funded by the St David’s Cathedral Foundation “as well as donations from a number of local and federal institutions including the Hobart City Council”.

In that, but not specifically acknowledged, was the major contribution made by the State Government – to the tune of a $1.5m donation, which came back in early 2008 when the then Premier, Paul Lennon, kickstarted a public appeal for the restoration.

Then there was a Federal contribution, by way of a $1.8m grant via the National Trust. The City Council weighed in with $300,000, so, all up, much of the restoration money seems to have come from these sources.

Taxpayers and ratepayers like to know how their money is being spent, particularly in these difficult economic times, and if it’s in such a cause as our cathedral’s renewal, then the outlay should be suitably acknowledged – in print.