Peace Restored to Wetlands

The Tasmanian Greens today celebrated the recent end of Tasmanian waterfowl massacre, saying that now peace was restored to our wetlands giving respite to native water fowl.

Greens Environment spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said it was less than a year ago that the Tasmanian Greens tabled a petition signed by over 3000 people calling for an end to the duck shooting season, on the grounds that it was cruel, senseless and damaging to the environment, and has called for a ban to be implemented before March next year.

“The weekend saw the end of the shooting of Tasmanian waterfowl for another nine months, and peace return to our waterways and many significant wetlands,” Ms O’Connor said.

“This three month shooting season is out of step with community expectations, and a clean, green and compassionate Tasmania.”

“The Greens are committed to introducing legislation to ban recreational duck shooting, to fully protect our native waterbirds for 12 months of the year instead of the current ludicrous situation where they are protected for nine months and then become shooting targets for the remaining three months of the year.”

“Our waterways, wetlands and coastal habitat are very significant for other waterfowl and threatened species, and it is past time they were protected and managed to enhance their important ecological features and wildlife,” Ms O’Connor said.
Cassy O’Connor MP Greens Environment spokesperson