Local Container Refund Scheme trial

Hobart Greens alderman Bill Harvey will be trialling a container refund scheme at this Sunday’s TreadLightly EnviroFest at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Located at site 47, alderman Harvey will be handing out ten-cent coins in exchange for empty beverage containers.

Alderman Harvey said he will be accepting aluminium cans and glass and plastic bottles purchased at EnviroFest for recycling.

He believes it is inevitable that we will see a national or state based container deposit scheme in the future and he is hoping to raise awareness about how a scheme might work.

Every year, 4 billion bottles and cans are buried in landfill in Australia, which is a huge waste of valuable resources said alderman Harvey.

Alderman Harvey is also concerned about the amount of litter that ends up in our waterways and eventually in the oceans.

Alderman Harvey stating, “ enormous amounts of plastic pollution is floating around and breaking down in the oceans and is a disaster for marine and seabird species that think it’s food and eat it so we need to look at all options to stop it at the source. A container deposit scheme will encourage people to pick up plastic bottles for the refund.”

Alderman Harvey is also pushing for the Hobart City Council to phase out the use of throwaway plastic water bottles at all council functions and facilities and to install water bottle refill stations around the city.
Bill Harvey, Greens Alderman HCC MR