Media Release
Sunday June 19th 2011


The Queensland ALP State Conference has passed a motion calling on both the Federal Labor Party and ALP National Conference to support same-sex marriage. Prominent State Government Ministers supported and spoke in favour of the motion, including Treasurer Andrew Fraser and Community Services Minister Karen Struthers.

Similar motions have been passed in Tasmania, South Australia, and a motion in support of marriage equality still stands in Victoria. The ALP Women’s network has also recently passed a motion of support for marriage equality (details here).

Alex Greenwich, National Convener of Australian Marriage Equality, welcomed the motion saying “momentum continues to build towards the decision that most Australians want the ALP National Conference to deliver in December in favour of full marriage equality”

Last year Queensland Premier Anna Bligh came out in support for same-sex marriage (details here), while polling has found that 66% of Queenslanders support marriage equality (details here), as do 74% of ALP voters (details here) and 75% of Queenslander expect same-sex marriage will happen (details here)

Mr Greenwich declared the passing of this motion a win for the ALP rank and file:

“This decision is a victory for the many grass roots supporters of marriage equality in the Labor Party… not only has this conference delivered a win for the majority of ALP voters who support equality, but for the majority of Australians who also support this reform”

Mr Greenwich believes the motion indicates the ALP is getting back to their roots “The Queensland branch of the ALP are leading the way in listening to the electorate and their membership on this issue”.
Alex Greenwich, Australian Marriage Equality