The Japanese Design Today exhibition at the Rosny Farm in Clarence provides an intimate glimpse into everyday life in Japan and a substantial insight into Japanese urban culture today.

The exhibition presents 90 household items that were designed in the 1990s, and 13 other pieces showing the roots of contemporary design created in post war Japan in the 1950s.

Insofar as everyday household items reflect a people’s lifestyle and culture, this exhibition offers a glimpse into the life of an urbanised Japanese person.

Technology trends including the world’s smallest radio and TV, the Walkman and other innovative devices are on display, alongside transport and furniture, and solutions for practical clothing and low-cost accommodation.

The objects created during the post-war years show a durability of quality and design that gives them a contemporary look some 60 years on.

Japan Design Today 100 is presented by Clarence City Council in partnership with the Japan Information and Cultural Centre, Melbourne and the Australia Japan society (Tas) and will continue until July 15.
Tracey Cockburn, Arts and Cultural Development Officer Clarence City Council