Philip Cocker
Alderman Hobart City Council

Monday 27th June 2011

Alderman rejects big rates rise

Hobart City Council Alderman Philip Cocker has hit out at the size of the Hobart City Council Rates rise passed at the council’s meeting tonight. Alderman Cocker who voted against the budget said that “whilst the rise could be partially explained there are not corresponding efficiencies taken by the Alderman to ease the burden on ratepayers.

“We like free festivals, expensive carols and AFL games but these come at a cost Alderman Cocker said. “If we want these things then we need to find ways to pay for them other than hammering the ratepayers”.

“Ratepayers are entitled to ask why a festival as large of the Taste of Tasmania cannot fund itself”, Alderman Cocker said. “This event could fund itself with no detriment to the event”.

“We often see reports on the economic gains of events for the Council to sponsor but very rarely do we see the other side of the equation which is higher rates for Hobart” Alderman Cocker said. “What is the economic effect of higher and higher rates’?

“Hobart City Council may well have the highest rate rise of any council in Tasmania this year and I think the current Aldermen have to be asking why that is”, Alderman Cocker said.

Alderman Cocker also questioned the massive expenditure on new car parks. “At a time when our existing car parks are not at capacity the question needs to be asked why we are spending over $20 million dollars on a new car park”. “This is not preparing the city for the future but based on a transport model of single occupant vehicles, a paradigm which is already shifting as oil prices rise over time”.
Alderman Philip Cocker Hobart City Council