Telstra has confirmed one of its employees was killed in a car accident in Tasmania early this morning.

42 year old Donna Gunn from Hobart’s northern suburbs died instantly when the company car she was driving collided with a fully laden log truck near the town of Ross about six o’clock.

Bob Beresford of Telstra says Ms Gunn was a much respected, loved and admired member of the team and staff will be offered counselling tomorrow.

Police Inspector Paul Reynolds say the log truck driver was lucky to escape serious injury.

“He received some minor injuries but um he wasn’t too bad, but obviously he’s very sore and the impact of what’s occurred obviously will be with him for some time,” he said.

The Midland Highway was closed for four hours.

It is the ninth fatality on the state’s roads this year.



A WOMAN was killed instantly this morning when her car collided with an oncoming fully laden log truck on the Midland Highway south of Ross.

Accident investigator Anthony Purcell said the crash occurred on the southern side of a sweeping bend, when the woman’s northbound white Falcon station wagon crossed the centre line and moved into the path of a southbound Mack prime mover and B Double trailers.

The crash occurred at 6.05am.

The crash was about 450m south of the Mona Vale Rd turnoff.

The woman, a Telstra employee, was driving to a meeting in Launceston.

After the impact, the prime mover lost steerage and continued 137m along the road before the trailers rolled.

The truck, driven by a man in his sixties from Deloraine, narrowly missed a power pole before stopping in a paddock.

Mercury story, with graphic picture, HERE


I doubt that accidents involving log trucks are catalogued as such in official statistics.

There’s a website called DRIVE TASMANIA …

… that graphically shows the dangers of log trucks on the state’s roads. The photo below is from this site:


Ed: This information is in no way an attempt to pre-judge the cause of this tragedy. The police officer’s comments reported in Mercury appear to pre-judge the issue. This is surprising. Normally reasons for, or pointers to possible causes of accidents are determined by Coroners’ inquests.